I never do this – but this is seriously the easiest way to make $100 + actually get double the interest rates on all your savings compared to any other account in Australia.

  •  nothing hidden, it’s super simple
  • it’s all online, ING doesn’t have physical branches


  • you get an every day account (works with apple wallet too which is awesome – you can pay with your phone)
  • you get a savings account 1.5% – transfer $1k onto it a month and you get another 1.5% on top (so 3% interest rate!)
    which is pretty epic I called commbank last week the best they could give me was a “loyalty bonus” which ended up being 1.4% (up from 1.1%)


  • Most Importantly: You and Me will receive $100 each (1 month after you activated your account and transferred at least $1)


  •  Instructions below – let me know how you go!
  • It takes 5 mins and then you need to identify yourself – so upload your drivings license. It wouldn’t recognise mine so, I then printed out a form, filled it out and went to the post office (takes 5 mins)
  • oh yeah – you can cancel anytime!


Hurry, it_s $100 cash bonus time, Michael - michibatko@gmail.com - Gmail 2017-05-08 22-00-20