– shortcut: address skills and learn
– long way: work on character
Work on Character
– perception
– subjective view
– change fundamental principles
Sharpen the saw if you want to keep sawing
– do stuff to actively plan your daily life towards your future
Be proactive to change your future
– take control of decisions and fate
Begin with an end in mind
– don’t be efficient be effective
– what do I want people to say at my funeral? align goals to that
Visualise outcome before doing action
Put first things first
Important things – what brings us closer to long-term goal, not necessarily pressing
Win Win Mentality
Relationship – investing into emotional bank account
– promise
– listening
– win-win mentality
– find out needs of people
– remain loyal
– ask for forgiveness if you do a withdrawal
Skill of empathetic listening
– not advice
– active listening
– repeating back to the person in own words
– really understand the person next to me
– mirroring emotions
Synergise with openness and respect
– listen to each other
– invest in working environment