Target chuting / Framing
asking a question if someone’s happy (not happy or unhappy) results in 375% more likely to declare happy Framing
– Surveys “Do you consider yourself a helpful person?” (77% vs 22% success rate)
– lower voice, let them lean forward
– focusing illusion (p33) Kahneman, “nothing in life is as important as you think it is while you are thinking about it”
– background (consciousness) awareness can imply things but also distract (same as noise)
– Focal is causal – whatever sticks in mind, is loud, is visible – make someone focus on something
– Background Love – messaging – be the one to stand out
– Background Fear – messaging – join us, be one of thousands before you
– the more options the more importance/attention we place on unique/distinguished
– Self-relevance – you focus on yourself / your speech / your act most (advertising say You instead of People)
– Next in Line Effect – if you’re the next to speak you don’t concentrate properly on what’s before or after you as you focus on what you’re about to do or done
– Zeigernik Effect – you remember unfinished things better (cognitive closure)
– finish writing / lecture midway (you will want to go back and write more)
– Use a mystery – grabs attention leave it hanging
– winning argument, counterargument best to shows how the source of argument is wrong or dishonest
– Wording plays a big part!
– pics and words highlighted make a difference (perseverance, success, winning race pic)
– metaphors important paint a picture
– heavy cv – more serious
– warm cup better social interaction
– more likely to do something / connect with someone who has something in common with you / is like you
– easy names (pharma, first last names) better association better performance
– rhymes are more persuasive
– external and internal geographies (change it to whatever is most applicable to the task) internal = visual cues around you
– you can make yourself happy (write down gratitude, choose to look at the bright side, limit time spent on negative)
– positivity paradox – someone coughs or itches you start coughing itching too
– don’t cram before exam fear not good get psyched get confident
– if/then better than just a goal (when/if I finish this then I will do that)
– show that you care and like someone (they will like you back)

– point out a weakness early on everything else will be believed

Family – doing something for them is as if doing for yourself (Buffett “let me tell you how things are as I would tell my family”)
Home – whoever shares it is like family
Physical similarity
Hometown, Region
Doing the same things – body language
sharing personal information
Bossification – creative cocreation, make manager involved in decision making make believe it’s their idea
ask for advice