The classic way of virtue
The book of the way of virtue
— Chapter 2
Do things for yourself not others.
No need for recognition, as long as you know you did a great job and got something out of it.
— Chapter 7
Don’t do things for self-interest, do them with no desire, but to be good
If you don’t focus on self-interest you can find fulfil your true nature.
— Chapter 8
Never force your way, then you won’t make mistakes
Be like water, go where no one else goes, what no one else does and be steady and calming.
— Chapter 16
Be generous.
Being generous means being impartial, putting the world before yourself – the world/Tao is everlasting.
— Chapter 26
Live a simple and ordinary life, even when surrounded by splendour.
How can a ruler govern a nation without recklessness of he indulges in power and desire?